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Argentina newspapers. Argentina newspapers list. The best newspapers in Argentina. List of popular newspapers in Argentina. List of newspapers in Argentina. Online edition of newspapers in Argentina. Online newspapers in Argentina. Online editions of newspapers in Argentina. Argentina newspapers.

Argentina newspaper list

Argentina’s most widely read newspapers. If you think that a newspaper is missing from the list – write to us. After your application is approved, we will put it on the list. We are committed to the full presentation of the newspapers read in Argentina.

Argentina newspapers

While we have made every effort to ensure this list is complete, please be aware that new newspapers continue to appear. Sometimes newspapers also disappear from the market. It is a demanding market with strong competition. Therefore, the list may turn out to be out of date. If so – write to us. We will correct inaccuracies.


  1. 8300
  2. Jornal com Notícias Mundiais
  3. Jornal Notícias Mundiais
  4. ABC Hoy
  5. Actualidad Sur
  6. ADN Rio Negro
  7. Periódico de Noticias del Sur
  8. Las mejores noticias del mundo
  9. Agencia de Noticias Bariloche
  10. Agencia Fe
  11. Agencia Nova
  12. Agensur
  13. Ambito Financiero
  14. Analisis
  15. APF Digital
  16. APF Mercosur
  17. Apostoles
  18. Argentinisches Tageblatt (DE)
  19. Boletin Oficial de Argentina
  20. Buenafuente
  21. Catamarca Actual
  22. Central de Noticias
  23. Ceres Ciudad
  24. Chaco On Line
  25. Chaco Prensa
  26. Ciudadano
  27. Clarin
  28. CN Saladillo
  29. Contexto
  30. Copenoa
  31. Corrientes al Dia
  32. Corrientes Cate
  33. Corrientes Hoy
  34. Criterio 24
  35. Cronica
  36. Cuyo Noticias
  37. De Chivilcoy
  38. Derf
  39. Dia a Dia
  40. Diamante Noticias
  41. Diario Chaco
  42. Diario Cronica
  43. Diario de Cuyo
  44. Diario Democracia
  45. Diario El Litoral
  46. Diario Epoca
  47. Diario Huarpe
  48. Diario Judicial de Argentina
  49. Diario Junio
  50. Diario Mar de Ajo
  51. Diario San Rafael
  52. Diario Textual
  53. Diario Uno
  54. Diario Victoria
  55. Digital Santo Tome
  56. Edicion Uno
  57. El 9 de Julio
  58. El Ancasti
  59. El Argentino
  60. El Civismo
  61. El Colono del Oeste
  62. El Comercial
  63. El Comercio
  64. El Cordillerano
  65. El Cronista
  66. El Debate
  67. El Dia
  68. El Dia de Escobar
  69. El Dia Online
  70. El Diario
  71. El Diario de Carlos Paz
  72. El Diario de Catamarca
  73. El Diario de la Republica
  74. El Diario del Centro del Pais
  75. El Diario del Fin del Mundo
  76. El Diario Regional
  77. El Difusor
  78. El Eco de Tandil
  79. El Economista
  80. El Entre Rios
  81. El Fenix
  82. El Heraldo
  83. El Independiente
  84. El Intransigente
  85. El Liberal
  86. El Libertario
  87. El Litoral
  88. El Mensajero de la Costa
  89. El Mundo de Berisso
  90. El Nuevo Cronista
  91. El Ojo Digital
  92. El Paso
  93. El Patagonico
  94. El Popular
  95. El Retrato de Hoy
  96. El Santafesino
  97. El Siglo
  98. El Sureno
  99. El Territorio
  100. El Tiempo
  101. El Trebol Digital
  102. El Tribuno
  103. El Vigia
  104. Entre Rios Ya
  105. Esperanza Dia X Dia
  106. Fortuna Web
  107. Grupo El Diario
  108. Info An Press
  109. Info Azul Diario
  110. Info Ecos
  111. Info Lobos
  112. Info Region
  113. Infobae
  114. Infonews
  115. Informate Salta
  116. Informe Digital
  117. Inventario 22
  118. Jornada
  119. Jornada Online
  120. Jujuy al Dia
  121. Jujuy Noticias
  122. La Arena
  123. La Capital
  124. La Capital 150
  125. La Ciudad
  126. La Gaceta
  127. La Guia Regional
  128. La Hora de Salta
  129. La Manana
  130. La Manana Digital
  131. La Manana Cipolletti
  132. La Mañana Neuquen
  133. La Nacion
  134. La Noticia Digital
  135. La Noticia Regional
  136. La Nueva Provincia
  137. La Opinion Semanario
  138. La Prensa
  139. La Razon de Chivilcoy
  140. La Reforma
  141. La Septima Digital
  142. La Union
  143. La Union
  144. La Vanguardia
  145. La Verdad
  146. La Voz de Cataratas
  147. La Voz de San Justo
  148. La Voz de Tandil
  149. La Voz del Interior
  150. La Voz del Pueblo
  151. Le Trait d’Union
  152. Lincoln Online
  153. Lo Nuestro
  154. Los Andes
  155. Lujan en Linea
  156. M24 Digital
  157. MDZ Online
  158. Media Mza
  159. Mendoza Opina
  160. Mercedes Ya
  161. Mi Ciudad
  162. Mi Mercedes
  163. Minuto Neuquen
  164. Minuto Uno
  165. Misiones Online
  166. Momarandu
  167. Navarro Noticias
  168. Norte
  169. Norte Misionero
  170. Noti Fe
  171. Noticias Argentinas
  172. Noticias de Bariloche
  173. Noticias de la Calle
  174. Noticias de la Costa
  175. Noticias Mercedinas
  176. Noticias Urbanas
  177. Noticias y Protagonistas
  178. Nuevo Ciclo
  179. Nuevo Dia
  180. Nuevo Diario
  181. Nuevo Diario De Salta
  182. Ole
  183. On 24
  184. OPI Santa Cruz
  185. Opinion Ciudadana
  186. Pagina 12
  187. Paralelo 32
  188. Perfil
  189. Periodistas en la Red
  190. Perspectiva Sur
  191. Pilar de Todos
  192. Primera Edicion
  193. Primera Fuente
  194. Primera Linea
  195. Protagonistas de Mercedes
  196. Provincia 23
  197. Puntal
  198. Quilmes Presente
  199. Region
  200. Reporte 24
  201. Resumen
  202. Rio Negro
  203. Rioja Virtual
  204. Roca Digital
  205. Rosario Net
  206. Rufino Web
  207. Salto en Red
  208. San Antonio de Areco
  209. San Jose Web
  210. San Luis 24
  211. San Luis Informa
  212. Santo Tome Online
  213. Semana Maipuense
  214. Sin Mordaza
  215. Sunchales Hoy
  216. Sur 54
  217. Sur Correntino
  218. Sur Digital
  219. Tiempo de Tortuguitas
  220. Tiempo del Este
  221. Tiempo Sur
  222. Tierra de Periodistas
  223. TN Corrientes
  224. Total News
  225. Tribuna Digital
  226. Tu Corrientes
  227. Tucuman Hoy
  228. Tucuman Noticias
  229. Uno Santa Fe
  230. Urgente 24
  231. Ushuaia Noticias
  232. Valor Local
  233. Varela al Dia
  234. Vox Populi

Argentina newspapers – about Argentina

Argentina, officially the Argentine Republic, is a country in the southern part of South America. It shares most of the southern cone with Chile to the west, and is bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, Brazil to the northeast, Uruguay and the southern Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Drake Passage to the south. Argentina covers an area of ​​2,780,400 km2 (1,073,500 sq mi) [B] and is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.

It is the second largest country in South America after Brazil, the fourth largest country in the Americas and the eighth largest country in the world. Argentina is divided into twenty-three provinces and one autonomous city, which is the federal capital and the largest city of the country, Buenos Aires. The provinces and the capital have their own constitutions but exist within the federal system. Argentina claims sovereignty over parts of Antarctica, the Falklands, and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

The earliest recorded human presence in modern Argentina dates back to the Paleolithic period. The Inca Empire expanded to the northwest of the country in pre-Columbian times. The country has its roots in the Spanish colonization of the region in the 16th century. Argentina grew to be the successor of the Viceroyalty of Río de la Plata, the Spanish overseas viceroy founded in 1776.

Following the declaration and struggle for independence (1810-1818), there was a prolonged civil war that continued until 1861 with the reorganization of the country as a federation. The country has since enjoyed relative peace and stability, with several waves of European immigration, mainly Italians and Spaniards, radically changing its cultural and demographic perspectives; 62.5% of the population is of full or partial Italian ancestry, and the Argentine culture has significant ties to Italian culture.

An almost unprecedented increase in prosperity made Argentina the seventh richest country in the world at the beginning of the 20th century. According to the Maddison Historical Statistics Project, Argentina had the highest real GDP per capita in the world between 1895 and 1896 and was consistently in the top ten before at least 1920. It currently ranks 71st in the world. After the Great Depression in the 1930s, Argentina fell into political instability and economic collapse that pushed it back into a backward state, although it remained among the richest fifteen countries for several decades.

Following the death of President Juan Perón in 1974, his widow and vice-president Isabel Martínez de Perón took over as president. It was deposed in 1976 by the military dictatorship. The military government persecuted and murdered thousands of political critics, activists and leftists in the Dirty War, a period of state terrorism and civil unrest that lasted until Raúl Alfonsín was elected president in 1983.

Argentina ranks very high in the Human Development Index, second in Latin America after Chile. It is a regional power and maintains its historical status of a middle power in international affairs. It maintains the second largest economy in South America and is a member of the G-15 and G20. Argentina is also a founding member of the United Nations, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, Mercosur, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States and the Organization of Ibero-American States.

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Argentina newspaper list

We try to keep the original name of the newspaper in Argentina. However, if it turns out that there is a mistake, please contact us.

Please do not write to change the name of the newspaper to a name that may mislead the reader. We are especially sensitive to requests for name changes that are only for keyword positioning. Also for this reason, it is not possible to comment on the entire website.

Newspapers Argentina – Best Online Articles

These are just a few examples of the great articles you can find in Argentina’s online newspapers!

Newspapers in South America

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