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Swiss Newspapers: List of popular newspapers in Switzerland. List of newspapers in the Switzerland. The best newspapers in Switzerland. Online edition.

List of Swiss Newspapers

The most read Swiss newspapers. If you think there is a newspaper missing on the list – write to us. After a positive consideration of the request we will put it on the list. We care about the complete presentation of newspapers read in Switzerland.

Switzerland Newspapers

Although we have made efforts to ensure that this list is complete, keep in mind that new newspapers are still appearing. Sometimes newspapers also disappear from the market. This is a demanding market with strong competition. Therefore, you may find that the list is out of date. If that’s the case – please write to us. We will correct inaccuracies.

  1. 20 Minuten
  2. 24 Heures
  3. Aargauer Zeitung
  4. Agefi
  5. Aktuell Informationsblatt Obwalden
  6. Anzeiger
  7. Anzeiger der Stadt Kloten
  8. Appenzeller Zeitung
  9. Arc Info
  10. Basellandschaftliche Zeitung
  11. Basler Zeitung
  12. Bauern Zeitung
  13. Berner Oberlander
  14. Berner Zeitung
  15. Bieler Tagblatt
  16. Bilanz
  17. Blick
  18. Blick am Abend
  19. Bote der Urschweiz
  20. Corriere del Ticino
  21. Der Brienzer
  22. Der Bund
  23. Der Landbote
  24. Der Oberhasler
  25. Der Rheintaler
  26. Die Vorstadt
  27. Die Weltwoche
  28. Die Wochenzeitung
  29. Echo von Grindelwald
  30. Elgger Zeitung
  31. Engadiner Post
  32. Entlebucher Anzeiger
  33. Finanz und Wirtschaft
  34. Freiburger Nachrichten
  35. Fridolin
  36. Furttaler
  37. Gazeta Lusofona
  38. General Anzeiger
  39. Geneva Lunch
  40. Glattaler
  41. Handelszeitung
  42. Herisauer Zeitung
  43. Hofner Volksblatt
  44. Jungfrau Zeitung
  45. La Gruyere
  46. La Liberte
  47. La Regione Ticino
  48. Langenthaler Tagblatt
  49. Le Courrier
  50. Le Journal du Jura
  51. Le Matin
  52. Le Nouvelliste
  53. Le Quotidien Jurassien
  54. Le Temps
  55. Meilener Anzeiger
  56. Neue Luzerner Zeitung
  57. Neue Oberaargauer Zeitung
  58. Neue Oltner Zeitung
  59. Neue Zurcher Zeitung
  60. News
  61. Oltner Tagblatt
  62. Prattigauer und Herrschaftler
  63. Rheintalische Volkszeitung
  64. Rhone Zeitung
  65. Riehener Zeitung
  66. Rumlanger
  67. Schaffhauser Nachrichten
  68. Solothurner Woche
  69. Solothurner Zeitung
  70. Sonntags Zeitung
  71. St. Galler Tagblatt
  72. Sudostschweiz
  73. Swissinfo
  74. Tages Anzeiger
  75. Thalwiler Anzeiger
  76. Thuner Tagblatt
  77. Thurgauer Zeitung
  78. Ticino News
  79. Toggenburger Tagblatt
  80. Tribune de Geneve
  81. Urner Wochenblatt
  82. Winterthurer Stadtanzeiger
  83. Wochen Zeitung
  84. Zofinger Tagblatt
  85. Zurichsee Zeitung

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List of newspapers in Switzerland


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Please do not write to change the name of the newspaper to such a misleading reader. We are especially sensitive to asking for a change of name that is intended only to position the keywords. Also for this reason, the possibility of commenting on the entire website is excluded.


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